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Hey there! I'm Andrea Eriks, founder and host of The Bind.

First off, thank you for visiting my page! To say the least, The Bind is this passion project that has been brewing inside of me for a while now. As I have spent so much time in my therapy room, helping individuals on their journey, I couldn't help but think to myself, "Is there any possible way to get more people started on their own brave, individual journeys?" In fact, I would go to bed and just pray up a way to communicate, educate, and motivate others to take those brave first steps to life-giving shifts. When the idea of a podcast came to me as an option, I sat with that idea for a good while initially feeling extremely sick to my stomach. You see, I can do the therapy with individuals. I meet with someone one on one and we dive in to an individual story and circumstance together; they lead, I follow. But to podcast? Oh man! That means I have to assume what my audience wants to work on and trust that my words could be wise enough to resonate with the masses. That just feels like a lot! But then I remembered... Sometimes you just have to begin. You just have to put yourself out there - from the knowledge you hold to the story you have. And sometimes, you have to be willing to be brand new at a thing and know that it is ok to be brand new and grow from the beginning. As you will be able to tell from my first recording through those to date, I have grown. As I went through this process, I researched, listened, and solicited the advice of others I know and trust to think through how I could grow as a podcaster. Through that process I learned a few cool tricks (like how to protect yourself from losing an entire recording **what a tragic day that was!**, to ways to make a recording sound better. Not to mention future goals I have already set such as inviting others on for an interview.). Needless to say this has been a fun process at the very least. 

Some of the many parts you will get from me on this podcast will be The Wife, The Mother, The Individual, The Rebel, The Entrepreneur, The Therapist, The Adventure Seeker, The Follower of Christ, The Loud Mouth, The Scared One, and many many more I am sure. Though there are many parts of me, I will guarantee that regardless of which part comes out, you will still be getting The Real Me! And don't be surprised if from time to time I change my mind :-) It happens!

What you will find here at The Bind is a place where I pull realities from the therapy room that plague many and in that general concept I will pull from both my expertise as well as my intimate, individual experience with that concept and speak about it in a way that I hope resonates with you and gives you either validation, inspiration and/or motivation, or maybe just information to ask, "What's next for me?" You have probably heard the quote "People don't change" before in your life. I am here to tell you that people can indeed change. You are capable of changing. But to change is to challenge and to challenge is to set out on a journey that can sometimes press you to the core of who you are and maybe even beg you to go places you never imagined you would end up. It's both beautiful and petrifying all at once. 

Please remember, this is not a substitute for therapy! This is a first step. A beginning place or a supplementary place where you can go to learn and grow. Use this space to your full advantage. Find the things you agree with, find the things you disagree with, find the things you had never even thought of before. Sit with all of it and form your own unique opinions in order to grow! 

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